Blog Challenge – FEBRUARY

I’ve been aiming to participate in writing prompts, especially the challenges from Boho Berry which are really good for beginners and are easy to follow. I’m just hesitant to start which made me put it off for quite a while. I do wish that thru this blog challenge, I could improve my writing and eventually be more motivated to write and express without hesitations.

I’m not sure if I do have readers (LOL!) but for those who miraculously landed on my little cave and ended up reading this post, do check Boho Berry’s blog out here.

So for the BOHO BERRY February Blogging Challenge, here it goes!

  1. THE MEANING OF MY NAME – What does my name mean? Are there any interesting origins?
  2. WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE Are there things that I think set me apart from others and make me unique?
  3. WHEN I WAS YOUNG – Share a little bit about my childhood. What experiences made me who I am today?
  4. A CHALLENGE I’VE OVERCOME – What is a challenge that I’ve overcome in my life so far?
  5. MY MORNING ROUTINE – Do I have a morning routine? What does it look like and how did I implement it?
  6. I’M REALLY GOOD AT… – What are some of my top talents?
  7. MY FAVORITE PART OF SCHOOL – Think back to my school days. What was my favorite part? What are some of my favorite memories of that time?
  8. FIVE YEARS FROM NOW… – What will my life look like five years from now? How will things be different or how will they remain the same?
  9. MY FIRST JOB WAS… – What was my first job? What were my duties, and what did I like/not like about it?
  10. THINGS I COLLECT – Are there any collections that I keep? When did I start collecting and why?
  11. MY TYPICAL DAY – What does a normal day in my life look like? I could even take this a step further and talk about what an ideal day would look like.
  12. ABOUT MY HOMETOWN – Talk about my hometown. What is special about it? What are some fun facts others may like to know?
  13. HOW I LIKE TO RELAX – What are some of my favorite ways to relax and unwind?
  14. MY TRAVEL BUCKET LIST – What are some places that I’d like to visit? Dream big!
  15. A FUNNY/EMBARRASSING STORY – Time to tell a funny or embarrassing story about myself. Laughing at ourselves can be a great way to connect with others 🙂
  16. MY DREAM JOB – What does my dream job look like?
  17. THE SUPERPOWER I’D CHOOSE – If I could choose any superpower, what would it be and why?
  18. MY GUILTY PLEASURES – What are some of my guilty pleasures?
  19. THE MOST FUN I’VE EVER HAD – Think back to a time when I had a lot of fun. What were I doing? What was it like?
  20. MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE – What is my biggest pet peeve and why?
  21. THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT – What are some things that I can’t live without? Why?
  22. MY STYLE – Describe my style. This could be my style of dress, my taste in music, etc.
  23. FAMILY TRADITIONS – What are some of my family’s traditions. Which ones are my favorites?
  24. IF MONEY WERE NO OBJECT – What would I do if money were not a factor?
  25. MY LEAST FAVORITE CHORE – What is my least favorite chore?
  26. THREE WISHES – If I could make three wishes and they would come true, what would I wish for?
  27. MORNING PERSON VS. NIGHT OWL – Am I a morning person or a night owl? Or maybe a mix of both?
  28. A LANGUAGE I’D LIKE TO LEARN – If I could learn any language on Earth, what would it be and why?

Goodluck to me and more fun for the coming days. My answers will be on separate posts, one question to answer per day.





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