Simple Beauty Routine

I’ve been thinking of posting about my daily makeup routine. It’s just a simple one, leaving a very natural look. It only takes 10-15 minutes to do this routine. Since I live in a tropical country (Philippines), the usually-hot weather can easily ruin one’s look so I opt to have sheer to light coverage so as not to make my face oilier than it should be.

Below is a list of the items I use daily, enumerated in order of application which also includes the brand that I use (with a bit review of the product).

1) MOISTURIZER (iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream) – After cleaning/washing my face, I apply moisturizer so as to set a smooth a feel on my face and makes it easier to apply the other makeup essentials. I used to buy Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Cream, but I recently changed to using iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream that was recommended to me by my best friend. Reasons why I changed? It’s because it is water-based and I love how it leaves a smoothly refreshing and seemingly-flawless feel after applying it on my face. Plus, it can be found in Mercury Drug Stores which is very convenient since I live only blocks away from the nearest branch. One (1) packet lasts for about 1 week or less (at least for me).


2) BB CREAM (Etude House BB Cream Blooming Fit, W24) – After the moisturizer dries up, I put a pea-sized amount of BB Cream on the middle of my palm. Using my right middle finger, I apply dots of BB cream on my forehead, nose, both cheeks, chin, and larger amount of BB cream on my under eye to cover up the discoloration (my under eye is actually my ultimate facial dilemma LOL!). I’m using BB cream instead of concealers because I notice that too much use of concealer irritates my under eye. That’s also the reason why I am using my finger in applying the BB cream (though sometimes I still use my “all-in-one” Marionnaud foundation brush). BB Creams does the cover up so I use it as a cream itself, a foundation, and as a concealer (which means lesser expense too! LOL!).

Note: Do not apply excessive amount of BB Cream on your face so as to prevent face and neck color mismatch which might not be very obvious in broad daylight, but is very obvious in photos! Also, patting is the ultimate method of balancing the application of BB cream.


3) PRESSED POWDER (Avon Ideal White Pressed Powder with Glutathione, Medium) – Next to BB Cream is applying a thin layer of pressed powder with a bit thicker layer on the under eye. I am using a pressed powder that is one tone darker than my skin tone to balance out the whiter effect of the BB cream, thus leaving a smoother and more natural look.

4) EYELINER (Nichido, 24Hr Tattoo Effect Eyeliner Pen, Water Proof) – This is the only liquid eyeliner that I ever used since it has a bold effect and really easy to apply (just like a brush pen). Plus it has a a tattoo effect which looks more natural when applied on the eyelids. This one is truly long lasting. It lasts until the next day (unless you really really rub your eyelids) and waterproof. I tried swimming with this eyeliner on and indeed it didn’t wear off. I use this one almost everyday and it lasts for around 5-6 moths I think. But it really depends on how often and how much it is used.

Note: Cover the tip immediately after applying so it doesn’t dry up fast. Otherwise, the liquid will harden faster than it should be (of course).


5) LIPSTICK (Varying brands, but I mostly use Avon) – I used to rely on cheap brands of lipstick since it wasn’t really a big deal for me before. But when I started using Avon’s lipstick, it is indeed reliable. I especially love their True Color Perfectly Matte lipstick (see photo below) as it is smooth when applying (as if it’s not matte) but the finish is really matte. I just love it. ^_^

6) MASCARA (Shawill Amazing Curls) – A friend gave this as a Christmas gift. I am not really a fan of mascara since it has a tendency to smudge when you rub your eyes unconsciously…but mascara does wonders. I use this alternatively with eyeliner, but sometimes I use them both (when I feel like it). This one is okay with me, though I haven’t tried other brands yet. Just only one thing about this. I think it causes irritation when used often (but the irritation may have been caused by my negligence too).


I am no expert in makeups but I just thought of sharing my personal routine here.

So…there you go!


Jin ^_^


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