The moment I saw the daily prompt word for today, I immediately thought of goals…goals…and goals. Since last night, I’ve been thinking about what would I want to change and achieve for 2017 and I realized I haven’t come up yet with a list of my new year’s resolution. I think my unconscious reason for this is because I am aware that I wasn’t able to fully adhere to my previous resolution and that creating a list would surely be another list of failures by December 31, 2017.

But then again, I will try. There’s no harm in trying after all. Someday I’d be able to do it.

Oh there’s that word again… “someday.”

For me, it’s a word synonymous to “vague” since it’s not clear, not specific. “Someday” is a vague expression of time that could either be tomorrow or a thousand days from now. One thing about my yearly resolutions is that it doesn’t have a deadline to it, no specific date or schedule for it to be done. No specific time frame. Deadline is always someday.

Today, I’ll challenge myself to set specific time frame for my petty goals. Petty goals first so I can form a habit (hopefully!).

Goodluck to me!


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