Cling-on for your dear breaths!

As I was searching for an inspiration to write about today’s daily prompt (cling), I saw strange images of couples photographed in vacuum-sealed packs (as seen in this post’s featured image). That sounded and looked really intense! I am not sure if this is somehow a trending form of art but I bet it’s really risky, and shoots must be taken by speedy photographers. Well I guess that’s the core skill of a photographer, to be fast enough to capture the art at any moment in time. Time is the main factor here. Even though these shoots are staged, it loudly speaks something about it which made me look into it just a little bit further.

Credits to Haruhiko Kawaguchi for the featured photo.

I can’t help but be amazed of how art can be seen thru the eyes of true artists. When I saw the claustrophobic photos , my initial thought was they are bizarre and absurd then when I saw the post about this from about two years ago, words of Haruhiko made me understood its purpose..his purpose of expressing what we feel about love.

Kudos to the artist who was pretty creative to express love in this kind of strange art.


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