Proud To Be

(Late Post)

It was just a mundane Wednesday morning for me, was checking my feeds online, then I saw this pic featured by Longreads! It’s none other than the well-known long pedestrian lane along Roxas Boulevard where one can overview the beautiful sunset at Manila Bay. Along with this pic came the vivid black and white memories like flash floods rushing in my head.


My father and I were passing through this area last Sunday when we were on our way home from Manila, where we bought essential materials for my little mug business. Passing through this area and seeing strangers all around reminds me of my college days around 5 years ago. This picture also reminds me of the long travel time I had to endure going to school and back to our house. Though, I think I never dreaded so much about my long travel because everyday I get to enjoy the scenic view of this place, especially at night. I think that I am lucky to have the privilege to see this view everyday, while other people had to travel across lands and seas just to have a glimpse of this place.

This long pedestrian lane along Roxas Boulevard across Manila Bay will always be one of the pictures that represent my college life.

So much for reminiscing. I just miss this.

Proud to be Manileña (though I am not a resident of Manila in any way lol).


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