21 Gone

The “New Evolution of the 21st Century” or popularly known as 2NE1  has already marked its end yesterday, November 25, 2016.

(YG should have made an announcement on the 21st. Just saying.)

A message from a friend totally surprised me when she told me that one of our most favorite groups has officially disbanded. I really can’t believe her news at first and thought maybe she was just kidding…but after few clicks on Google, the sad news was indeed true.

While reading the articles from AllKpop and Soompi about YG’s official announcement on the disbandment of my most favorite Korean pop (K-Pop) group 2NE1, it seemed like something stirred inside of me, as if I’ve unconsciously flashed back through time.

I’ve been a fan of these four amazing ladies since their Day 1 as 2NE1 back in May 2009, have seen their quirky and serious sides, went to one of their concerts, bought some of their albums, merchandises and local magazines, danced and sang to their beats, and memorized almost all of their songs. Not to mention my not-so-clingy support to their activities whether it be solo or as a whole. Because of these girls and their music, I came to like K-Pop which I dreaded so much at first because of Korean’s weird sense of style and music. On the side note, I had interest in learning hangeul and the credit goes to them as well. Because of these ladies, I became a fan of Bigbang, I came to have a major bias on YG Entertainment, and I became a supporter of YG’s other artists without bothering so much about the groups outside of YGE. Because of these girls, YG  has become my personal epitome of K-Pop music. Throughout these years, I’ve come to like each one them because it was only Dara who I liked at first (been a fan of hers since her stardom in the Philippines). Throughout these years, I’ve seen their true talent, versatility, and classy swag that I’ve never seen in other girl groups out there. All I can say is, YG is lucky to have them as their agency’s queens, and 2NE1 is lucky to have YG as their home…a home where they have showcased their talents…a home where they can reach their maximum potential.

Or so I thought…

Since 2009, they’ve promoted their singles, won minor and major awards, gone for a while, and then came back. They faced several issues but eventually overcame it. They came back again and proved the world that they are still in the game, that they are still the queens. I understand that just like a product cycle, their fame and glam will have it’s maturity and decline stage but I believed in them and in YG that they will not totally reach the bottom of the other end of the curve. That no matter what, these girls and the people behind them will continue making music as and for 2NE1. That they will have their own place in K-Pop Industry similar to that of Bigbang who until now is still trying to keep themselves intact not only for themselves but also for the fans.

For the past few years, there were hints that they will not come back as a whole but I still believed that it won’t happen…that they will only try to flourish on their solo endeavors and come back again as a whole for their fans. I waited and hoped that they will release new songs and give joy to the average and avid fans who I know are willing to support them no matter what the outcome.

Until the rumors, or rather news about Minzy’s leaving spread out like wildfire in the internet. That sole news surprised and saddened me. But I still hoped that after few weeks or months, Minzy would revoke it and announce that she would not be leaving anymore. Weeks and months passed. Nothing comes out. Realization hit me that it will never be the same again. It broke my heart to see comments of people that 2NE1 would probably comeback as trio. Even though I know that I would still be supporting them no matter what, I know that 2NE1 will never be the same if indeed they continued promoting again. 2NE1 will never be 2NE1 without Minzy. I understood and respected Minzy’s decision to leave and so I still have my hopes up with the rumors about 2NE1’s comeback. But…but…but the thing that I dreaded to happen has just been realized. The joy of BlackPink’s awesome and heartfelt recent comeback doesn’t par the sadness and disappointment that I felt when I read the official announcement from YG about 2NE1’s disbandment, all the more with the statement of the non-renewal of Bom’s contract with YG. That fact really stamped the end of 2NE1. The only consolation I got from the shocking news was CL and Dara’s stay as still-official members of the YG Family. With that thought…I wonder, how will YG execute now the YG FamCon which I was aiming to see in the future? Well I don’t think YGFamCon will ever happen again. Or if it does, I won’t have as much eagerness now to attend it as before because it will never be the same again. For now, I am just very thankful that my ultimate bias, Dara, is still with YG. If it would ever come to a point that even she will be ousted, I think I’d rather say goodbye to YG. I’d probably stick around a bit for Bigbang and maybe for BlackPink..but no more of YG and no more of K-Pop.

Everything has its beginning and its end. I just didn’t anticipate this kind of ending. I had hopes for 2NE1 but I guess hopes don’t always last longer enough as one expects it to be. One thing’s for sure (at least for me). K-Pop will never be the same again.

It will never be.

2NE1 is still JJANG!


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