TDP: Facade

What does it really mean to be true? What does really “being yourself” entails?

This morning, while I was on my way to work, I passively browsed my news feeds and saw an article about Heaven, a recently ex-housemate of the local show Big Brother. I wasn’t an avid watcher of the show but since I hear and see this show at work everyday, I had at least an idea of the things that’s been happening. The article was about Heaven who was able to watch some videos about her girl housemates “backstabbing” her. Without reading yet about it, I feel saddened that she was “back-stabbed” but I was surprised to see most of the netizens’ comments, if not all, that Heaven actually deserved it…that she’s a faker, a backstabber herself, a flirt, a blah blah blah etc etc etc.

While I was reading the flooding comments, my initial reactions was like ‘Yeah, maybe she deserves it for having an ugly attitude towards the other housemates’ and thought that she should have been more careful and nicer to these people. Then I realized…Big Brother is a reality show that encourages participants/housemates to be true to themselves, to express their true selves without any pretensions. I would say that whatever Heaven did was actually her true self: story-maker, flirty, backstabber, and a good daughter. She was extremely bashed by netizens online due to her bad behavior and attitude problems. She was extremely bashed for being herself. Others may take it the other way, like nah she wasn’t being herself since she was a faker, but that’s how I view it. I believe we are entitled to our own opinions anyway.

So where do I go with this? Simple. People (and I am not exempted on this, I know) are generally judgmental. We think that being “prim and proper” is always the best attitude a person “must ” have. If a person is apart from that attitude, that person is automatically bad in the perception of the general public. The bitchy attitude is something to be hated. True. Indeed. I myself don’t like bitchy people in any way. But one thing I know is important to remember, that being bitchy or being “bad” is not always innate. I believe it is always rooted to external factors and internal conflicts.

We are bounded by the general perception and standard of being good and bad, beautiful and ugly, right and wrong that most people often pretend to be something they are really not…a facade that hides the “unacceptable” and less appealing true selves that they really have.

Well that standard is never going to back down. In every generation or era, standards tend to shape and vary through time but it will always entail one same thing: the struggle of people to be likeable, acceptable. In one word? Perfect. Epitome. Unfortunately, no one’s perfect so why struggle right? LOL!

Going back to Heaven. I believe she is a bitch yes, but they also say she is a good daughter and I think the latter matters all the more. She can improve her bitchy self through time anyway. Besides, she is still young. More way to go for her. She can take away all her insecurities and make herself a better version of her.

No, I am not a supporter of hers, nor a basher. I don’t have any right to do that since I so rarely watch or pay attention to Big Brother or PBB as generally known. I just think that I better post about it since the issue is quite related to the daily prompt days ago…or so I thought.

Longest post to-date I guess? Trying to improve from time to time with the hope of getting used to it and make the world my diary. Just kidding.

For now…boombayah chingus!

Oyasumi! ^_^

~Miss Denim


This post is in relation to the Daily Prompt word “FACADE.”

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