TDP: Praise

I have thought for a while how does praise differ from compliment, and as I read some comments from other sites, “praise” is something uttered or given without hypocrisy. Something that is honest and sincere. Something that is deep. Something that is mentioned even without the presence of the person being praised about.

That being said, I wonder how often do we utter words of praise for other people?  I guess we are rarely fond of doing so, because we often find ourselves magnifying the failures of others. Most of the time, we are unconsciously on the hunt for moments where we could criticize others. Some even exaggeratedly zoom out faults just so they can take whatever credit it entails. Such a selfish thing it is, but I believe humans have that innate trait.

Perhaps, such view may not be applicable to every person living on earth because there are those few who still manage to see the bright and positive side of every person, no matter how extremely “bad” that person may be. Well the good and the bad are mostly defined now by social norms and how people would react to it. Some may agree, while the others may not. Going back, the ability to see the goodness in others is not that easy because doing good and being good is very basic that we often take it for granted. While the bad things are the ones taking the spotlight, mainly because we feast on it or gossip on it.

Best example of this is what we always get from the news. We often see and hear bad news that we almost think that “news” is just all about such things. Good news is often taken as something common, something bland, something that doesn’t really take the peak of our interest. On the one hand, there are still those extraordinarily good news that grasp our attention then eventually inspires us to do the same.

After 327 words, where am I going with this? Well I just want to point out that complimenting people is quite easy, but praising them is not, for requires our heart’s sincerity and honesty in order for our words to effectively reach them. In that way, we make them feel good and important. Then, in return we get that light feeling within ourselves. It is a give-and-take thing, a kind of subtle relationship or connection that we develop with such people.

Good words emanates good vibes. Spreading good vibes is spreading kindness. And kindness bring forth love. So I hope that the next time you think of uttering good words, you also think that you are spreading the love. If you think good about someone and you think that person deserves it, utter even simple words of praise. But remember, don’t expect to be praised back. Let that person do same thing, if they think you deserve being praised too.

So chingu-yah! Come on spread the love. Everyone deserves it, including you.

Gotta go! I still have a sleep to catch. Hohow!

~MissDenim (^_^)


This post is in relation to the Daily Prompt word “PRAISE.”

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