TDP: Craving…

“A powerful desire for something” —again, a definition from Google.

Humankind has endless desires, which root from the very basic needs up to the most outrageous wants anyone can think of. Such desires vary from person to person depending on one’s social class or one’s personality and are attributed to various aspects of human nature: physical, emotional, and mental.

What do I crave then?

Well, I’ll say that I am fortunate that I don’t have to struggle so much to satisfy my very basic needs — water, food, clothing, and shelter. But as a middle-class human, I crave for the common things: financial stability, best career, right partner in life, and a healthy family.

Financial Stability. I think everyone wants that. Everyone craves for it. Who doesn’t? Well, the level of eagerness to attain it differs from person to person but there it is, lying deep within ourselves. For me, financial stability is the basic source of my other wants such as travels, dream house, comfortable car, nice gadgets, profitable business, and most of all  ability to support my parents,  relatives, and my future family. I admit I have endless desires under this major craving and for this, I am trying my best to achieve such thing. I know it requires a lot of hardwork and a wise strategy and I am on the process of making it work or happen. Hopes up.

Best Career. I’ll say “best” in that sense is very subjective. I’m currently in the stage of my life where I am still confused about what is actually the best career for me. Is it a marketing job (a career that is kinda expected of me since that was the degree I completed) ? Is it a financial job (since I believe numbers are my strong point)? Or is it a graphics-related job (because I believe I have an eye for creativity)? As of this writing, I am more inclined and interested to do a financial job, but is it necessarily the “best career” for me? I still don’t know. I am aware that I will enjoy it, and hopefully love doing it for a longer time possible. Since I am still in the discerning stage, I’ll probably make use of three criteria: passion, enjoyment, and motivation. Why these three? Because I believe that if I have passion in what I do, I would enjoy every minute of doing it, then I would be motivated to wake up each day and look forward for things that are yet in store for me.

Right Partner in Life. Why not the perfect or the best partner? Because I don’t believe such person exist. No one is perfect or flawless, and being the best is dependent on the imposed criteria a person has over the other. I guess “right” is the fitting word for a worthy partner. Because for me, to find the right person is to find the other half of one’s soul. And so I am craving to find that right person for me, the one who will compliment me and make me whole as a being. Oh! I guess that sounded a little cheesy and dramatic. But yeah, that’s my idea about it.

Healthy Family. Family in this sense means my parents and my own future family. Health is something that can’t be quantified or measured and no one can ever know when will illness strike us or our family. What we can only do is to hope that in every single day, we have a healthy body and mind, alongside living a healthy lifestyle of course. To be healthy is to live longer. And to live longer means more time to spend with our loved ones. I will always crave the best of health for my family. As the saying goes, health is wealth.

The above are the major cravings I have in life. But if we are talking about petty day-to-day cravings, I would say I crave for coffee. So for today, might as well make one.

That’s it for the Daily Prompts. Until next time yeoreobeun!

Your chingu, Miss Denim.


This post is in relation to the Daily Prompt word “CRAVING.”

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