TDP: Muse…

I’ll take out the two definitions of this word as defined by Google.

#1) As a noun it is a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

Who is the muse? A woman. Someone who emanates wide range of emotions from blank…to happiness…to grief. Emotions that will inspire. Emotions that will trigger something within the depths of an spectator. Emotions that are worthy of written words.

I am a woman and I have had various emotions. But do I qualify being the muse? I may or may not be. The answer really depends on the spectator’s perception of me. It’s like being unconsciously judged with your eyes blinded. We could say that people’s perception of us shouldn’t really matter that much but I guess it does. Unconsciously.

#2) As a verb – it is to be absorbed in thought.

I have always found myself doing that-being absorbed in thought. Especially when I am alone, I often find myself staring blankly and thinking about various things. Mostly about my “To Do List” pertaining to life and career, and of course the elusive “love” which I think I hunt for years.

Musing sometimes sparks ideas in my brain, however I believe I only have a limited memory capacity. It’s short term, unless I write it down somewhere I could reread or return to some other time.

Musing is my favorite activity (if you can even call it as that), because it activates my brain like it is running a treadmill. Plus the fact that it generates ideas and inspires me to do something (such as putting up this small space – Denim Pages).

On a side note, I do appreciate this Daily Prompts of WordPress. It’s a good way of processing and producing that creative juice in one’s head, especially for noobs like me who is still exploring the wonders and power of blog.

There you go. My first.



This post is in relation to the Daily Prompt word “MUSE.”

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